Thursday, July 2, 2015

July Currently

It's July, my friends!!  Whoppee!!  I'm linking up with Farley from Oh Boy Fourth Grade for this fun currently linky partay :)  I haven't participated in a while...sorry!!  Life got the best of me...well mostly work did!!

OMG!!  This will be the shortest summer break for me yet!  This year, I decided to move school districts (eek!).  This means a lot of teacher training opportunities!  I am excited and nervous at the same time.  I needed 9 more units to move over on the salary schedule, so I enrolled in some online self-paced courses through University of San Diego.  I love that I can take upper division courses in my PJs!!  yay!!

I was hired to teach 8th grade math; two sections of Math 8 and one section of Integrated Math I.  I have never taught either of these, so I need to get on planning/looking over materials/finding additional STAT!!  I am working at a year round school (which is rare in California), so I start July 20!  I didn't even finish at my old school until June 22!!  Oh boy!!  Wish me lots of luck!  :)

*ALL STAR*  Something I am good at!?  Most people would say organization for sure.  I am pretty convinced I have OCD and am Type A to the MAX!!  I like the way things look when they are neat and organized.  One of my teacher friends always makes fun of me for organizing my binder clips into sizes (small, medium, large). Haha!!  I am super excited to organize my new classroom!!  Lots of set-up pics to come :)  :)  :)


  1. Good luck in your new school district! That is such an exciting change! Love your blog and the name. So cute!!

  2. Wow! Sounds like you have a lot going on!! Wishing you the best of luck at your new school! Can't wait to check back and see how it is going!

  3. Good luck with your change in School Districts, although it might be a little crazy at first, once you're in the swing of it I'm sure it'll feel like you've been there for years!

    Teaching Autism

  4. Changing school districts is so exciting! Congrats! I am a Type A organizer, too!
    Faith Filled Teaching