Saturday, November 29, 2014

Did You Know.....?? Bulletin Board

Let's talk about the ugly hallway for a moment.  I do not love the hallways at my school at all for one simple reason: they are ugly.  They are painted half brown and half white and scream 1970s!!  They seriously needed some color!!  Every year, I say I am going to decorate the hallway I walk through everyday.  I bought the brightest colors available: lime green, bright yellow, and hot pink.  When I started putting up the paper over the summer, the boy teachers in my hallway said, "Were those the only colors to choose from??"  I don't really care...we needed color!!!  

I rounded up some student work to put on two of the bulletin boards and decided to make a "Did You Know...??" bulletin board complete with my favorite random facts.  I looked up random facts and did you know stuff and compiled 30 posters to hang in the hallway.  Below are 9 sample posters.  

Let me just tell you...the kids LOVE these posters!!!  We are talking MIDDLE school students!!  Two months into the school year, and I still catch students staring at the hallway soaking up the random information.  And you know what...I really love it because it sparks conversation and curiosity! Ha! Double Whammy!!!

Here are what some of the posters look like...  You can have these posters for FREE!!

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