Sunday, November 30, 2014

Currently December

Yayyyy!! December is nearly here!!  It's such a wonderful time of year!  I love looking at Christmas lights and love decorating for Christmas!!  And my favorite part is...I live in California, so I'm not freezing...whoopeeee!!  Happy December everyone!

I have had the past week off and it has been so wonderful!!  I have been watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel like crazy!  They are so cheesy and predictable, but I am obsessed!  

I also bought a new mattress and bedding with my spare time.  I can NOT wait for my new bedding to come in!!  I decided to go with all white bedding.  I aas kind of worried that all white would look too boring, but I am going to spruce it up with some fun accent pillows.  So excited!!  Look how pretty it is!

I ordered my bedding from West Elm.  It is an Organic cotton pintuck duvet cover.  I am never going to want to get out of my new bed!!

Happy December!!  3 weeks until 2 weeks off!  Let's do this!!


  1. Love the bedding! I have a habit of watching Hallmark Christmas movies. My daughter swears the actors just change. The plot is all the same. I love a feel good movie this time of the year.

  2. I love cheesy Christmas movies! The cheesier, the better! haha.. I love your new bedding! I recently bought a king sized bed - it was a game changer! I never want to get out of bed. lol
    Scarlett at Speech Is Sweet

  3. Your new bedding looks divine! I am jealous of your two weeks off! We have two- 1 day weeks--one before and one after Christmas--it's kinda ridiculous!!

    The Sassy Sub

  4. I have been all about the cheesey Hallmark/made-for-tv Christmas movies this year! Some of them actually make me tear up! :) Just stopped on over from the Currently link up. Cute blog!

    First Grade Garden