Sunday, May 25, 2014

Top 10 Things I Want to do This Summer!

Summer for me doesn't begin until June 25!  Super late!!  I know!  BUUUUT…..I am already planning  what I want to do (or I guess I should say NOT do!).  Like Deanna, I always say, "I'm not going to do a thing this summer.  Just relax!"  Well, that's never happened!!  My first two years teaching, I needed extra cash,so I waited tables.  ALL. SUMMER. LONG.  I really didn't get a break those two years and it' so not worth it!  Anyway, here is my list of what I'm doing this summer….

1.  Catching up on The Big Bang Theory :)  I bought an Apple TV specifically for watching the show! My grandma got me hooked on it and I have had barely any time to really sit and watch it.  I am a HUGE Sheldon Cooper fan!  Watching Big Bang Theory is my happy place :) :)

This one makes me laugh!!  Because, yes, Sheldon is dating and I'm not! Haha!

2.  Take my niece to Disneyland before our annual passes expire in July.  My 4 year old niece and I go to Disneyland often…it's our "thing."  I am going to be so sad when they expire.  I guess we'll have to find a new "thing!"

3.  Practice PiYo and apply to 24 Hour Fitness!  I earned my PiYo certification to teach PiYo in January and am SOOOO in love with it!  I have had almost no time to practice it so that I can teach it at they gym.  My goal is to apply and audition in July.  Wish me luck!!

What is PiYo you ask??!!  PiYo combines pilates and yoga-inspired moves and poses with upbeat, fun music.  Lots of strength, cardio, flexibility, and strength.  PiYo is a high-intensity, low impact workout for a new kind of STRONG!

ANNDDDD.. the best new of all….PiYo is coming to home DVD next month!!  So excited!!  I will send you some links if you are interested in ordering :)

4.  Spend time at the beach.  Every summer, I say I'm going to work on my tan, but somehow I always make excuses not to lay out and do nothing.  This year, I really do want to spend some time lounging by the ocean :)

Laguna Beach:

San Clemente:

5.  Ok, now this one I have been saying for YEARS and have never done it!  Stand-up paddle boarding.  It looks so fun!!  Everyone that has tried it has loved it!  I have yet to meet someone who didn't love paddle boarding :)  My younger sister wants to try it too….we will have to plan a date!

Woah!  Maybe I'll be adventurous like this lady and practice PiYo on a paddle board!!

6.  Take LOTS of naps!  I am such a huge fan of afternoon naps!  And I'm not talking the 20 minute kind…I'm talking the 2 hour kind!  Everyone that knows me well, knows I love and need my nap time :)  In fact, my mom bought me these two cutesy little plaques and I keep them on my nightstand :) Haha!

7.  Spend good quality time with friends and family.  My family lives about 45 minutes away…sometimes it's hard to make the drive even on the weekends.  My bestie lives in another county and we need to catch up over many lunch/yogurtland dates! 

Yes, this would be a picture of my family (including my mom and grandma) doing a duck-face-peace-sign photo!!  We're crazy!!

The bestie!!!  Last year, the bestie and I went to Glen Ivy Hot Springs for the day.  So much fun!!  Mud bath is my favorite!!

8.  Nothing!  This really should be number one at the top of the list, but these are not in any sort of order.  I think having a few lounge, sit around the house and do nothing days should be appropriate for summertime :)  This Spanish Proverb is just perfect!

9.  Ok, now I know it's summer, BUT work still has to get done!  I am the kind of person that likes likes lessons to be planned out a month in advance.  It helps me mentally and I feel less stressed.  I have been wanting to re-vamp my classroom, so I think this is the summer to do it!  I'm thinking a lime green/pink/black scheme!  Sounds fun!!

Here are some super cute borders I plan on purchasing for my new bulletin boards :)

10.  I am part of a STEM, or now it is being called STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) collaborative group at my school site.  I am partnering with the 7th grade science teacher to develop lessons that are science AND math friendly…cross curricular instruction, baby!  I am so excited to be a part of this awesome grant!  I will have to attend a two week intensive training for each year for three years, but I think the end result will be totally worth it!


  1. Ok, I had never heard of Piyo until now, but I am sure I will want to try it- I have gone through P90X and every video Jillian Michaels has made so something new is needed soon! You are so lucky to get started with STEM. I am the STEM Lab teacher at my school and it is purely wonderful!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

  2. I absolutely love the Big Bang Theory. My mom got me hooked. I definitely want to catch up this summer too!

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain