Saturday, May 24, 2014

Teacher Planners and Calendars…Get Excited!!

I am so excited to announce teacher planners and monthly calendars have been updated for the new school year!  

There are three adorable covers to choose from.  Choose the one you like best, then email me and I will do all of the customizing for you! :)

Here are close-ups of each cover page.

 There are two "title" pages included in each file.  Here are the two you will receive.  

Here is the first planner.  This is the one I use.  It works well for me, but I teach middle school, so I only have two subjects to plan for.  If you tech elementary or like to plan your day in hourly increments, the second planner would work best for you :)  I originally created a similar planner last year.  After I created my own, I will never go back to store-bought planners again.  

What I LOVE the most about printing my own planner is that whatever can be printed can be included in the planner!  This year, I included my monthly calendars (see below) and the Common Core State Standards for each grade level I teach.  Whenever I needed to reference these pages, they were there for me!  If you are using the elementary version, you can print class rosters, contact information, behavior sheets, etc.

Last year, I took my planner to Staples to have it bound for me.  It cost me less than $6 and it included the coil, clear cover, and black back cover.  It is super sturdy!  I LOVE my planner!!!

This version is the day-to-day version.  It includes lots of space for detailed planning!

This is what the 2-page spread looks like when the planner is opened up:

An up-close view of an individual page:

The second available planner is the period-by-period or hour-by-hour planner.  This planner would work best for elementary teachers or teachers that like to plan by hour increments.  The version you will receive with the download is the "middle/high school" version.  This means the box titles will say "Period 1, Period 2, Period 3…..Period 6."  I will customize these six titles for you at no extra cost.  For example, you may want "Math 8:00 - 8:30" instead of period 1 if you teach elementary.  

I have included detailed instructions on how to customize, put together, and print your planner.

At the end of my planner, I include monthly calendars for reference.  I made these last year and I am so in love with them!!

Here are product links:

1.  Teacher Planner: Day-to-Day (first planner shown in this post)
2.  Teacher Planner: Period-by-Period or Hour-by-Hour (second planner shown in this post)

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