Saturday, December 14, 2013

Honoring Sandy Hook

One year ago today, 20 first graders and six school employees lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary.  This week, along with educators and students across the nation, we honor the victims with random acts of kindness.  One parent says, "Acts of kindness and efforts to promote just cause are the best way to keep the memory of victims of gun violence alive," Rousseau, clutching a photograph of his daughter.

Use #Love4SH to promote kinds and love on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook throughout this week.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Currently

It's that time of year!!  I am so excited December is here!!  I love the Christmas lights and decorations…oh, and it's snuggle weather!  I am super looking forward to going to NEW YORK with my sister on December 26.  We're gonna freeze our buns off, but so worth it!!  Oh, and I also love December because no work for 2 weeks!!!  Yippee!!!  And….one of my favorite holidays…..New Year's!!

Yes, you better believe I am listening to *Nsync Christmas on Pandora!  I'm classy like that :-)

So…I have always thought of getting a mini Christmas tree for my classroom, but always talk myself out of it since I teach middle school :-/.  Well, this year, I bought one for ME!  I think my kids this year will actually like it.  Can't wait to decorate it!

What I love about getting together with my family is playing games on Christmas.  We have played Scattergories, Uno, and Catch Phrase gets really loud and crazy!  Last year, I surprised the family with a little game of Lefty Elf Christmas Story.  I bought little bags and stuffed each bag with candy.  The game is super simple: everyone stands or sits in a circle.  The story is then read aloud.  Every time I said LEFT, they had to pass their gift to the left, and every time I read RIGHT, they passed their gift to the right.  Oh, it was a blast!!  Definitely lots of laughing!  This year, I am thinking of writing our own Lefty Elf Christmas Story with members of our family and funny stories from throughout the year!

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