Sunday, November 3, 2013

November Currently

My birthday month has arrived!! Yippee!!!  I am joining in on Oh, Boy! 4th Grade's Currenty Linky Party.  It's my first link party!  I hope I upload correctly :)

Listening: to Jack Johnson on Pandora… one of my favorite Pandora stations!  Relaxing and fun at the same time!

Loving: I got an extra hour to sleep in today and am feeling super productive and ready for the week!  I am not a fan of less daylight, but I do like an extra hour of sleep. Woo Hoo!

Thinking: I should probably do laundry and cleaning.  I went grocery shopping and Target shopping and need to put stuff away.  Oh, the weekend stuff!

Wanting: My birthday to get here!  It's not until the 13th, but I like to celebrate Kendra-Palooza all month long!!

Needing: I am so hoping this first Linky party I am going works!!  I looked up the correct way to do this, but hopefully it goes smoothly :)

Yummy Pin: OMG!! The best grilled cheese EVEERRRRR!!!  If you know me, you know that I {LOVE} cheese!  When I came across this gem, I tried it out, and instantly fell in love… Ooey-gooey and full of flavor!!  Now, I'm sure it's not the healthiest sandwich in the world, but sometimes, we need that yummy comfort food.  This is it for me :)

Enjoy :)  Thank you a Couple Cooks!!


  1. Cute blog! I loved the extra time to sleep in today too! Though I'm not liking it being dark so early...

    Sprinkled in Second

  2. OMGosh- I love your yummy pin and I can totally relate to your love of cheese. Enjoy your month long birthday!

    2 Smart Wenches

  3. So glad you enjoyed the grilled cheese -- you are so welcome! :)