Friday, November 29, 2013

Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) Sale!!

I'm having a sale!!  My entire Teachers Pay Teachers store will be 20% off!

Monthly calendars currently include months through August 2014.  With the purchase of this product, you will receive the updated calendars for FREE when I upload to TpT!

I love to spruce up my classroom with these fun pennant banners.  Make your own welcome back banner or holiday message :)

How-To Instructions are great for Interactive Notebooks!  I copy on colored paper, cut out for students, then have them glue into their notebook.  Quick and easy for reference!

I am so in LOVE with these adorably cute Common Core posters hanging in my classroom.  They are only ONE DOLLAR!!  But, buy them on Monday or Tuesday for only 80 CENTS! WHOPPEE!

I am beginning to fall in love quickly with task cards!  I have students work in partners, which allows them to work at their own pace.  I require that students work on the same problem at the same time and not move on until they both AGREE upon a solution.  Below are task cards on ratios, rates, proportions, and conversion.

The task cards below focus on writing, solving, and graphing inequalities.  I used these for my 7th graders.

I use Jeopardy games in my classroom frequently to prepare for assessments.  The kids have an absolute BLAST!  They beg me to play Jeopardy.  Warning: It gets loud and competitive!!  The Jeopardy below is all about integers: adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.  There is also a "grab bag" category in which I place word problems for students to set up and solve.  The presentation is animated and includes an answer key :)

Below is a blank Jeopardy template.  This is a wonderful way to review and content area and any grade level!  The Jeopardy template includes animations and a page for you to include answers for quick reference.

AND….since you're already visiting, why not download some of my FREEBIES!!!

Here is a Common Core handout I give to my parents on Back-to-School night and I also have student glue into their interactive notebooks for reference!   I made it so that students and parents could understand the CCSS-using kid-friendly language!  :)

Lastly, I put these geometry formulas posters on the wall when studying geometry.  Students love (and need) to use these for a quick reference!

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