Friday, October 18, 2013

Jeopardy Review Game!!

Every day my students take notes, then they complete practice problems on whiteboards.  I am finding that when there is only one day's worth of material, all of my students seem to "get it" quickly.  The problem is when multiple concepts and lessons are required, students become confused and suddenly forget all the rules, steps, etc.  I usually teach new lessons Monday through Wednesday, do some sort of review on Thursday, and quiz/test on Friday.  Somewhere during the week I may choose to complete a performance task, problem solving activity, or group work to mix it up a bit.  One way of reviewing my students have responded to pretty well is a classroom version of Jeopardy!  I love this because students will be begging to solve more problems because they are competitive in nature and want to win!! I sure don't mind since students are having fun and guess what...they are practicing math for the full hour!!  Below is a peek at what a blank Jeopardy template looks like.  This can be used with ALL grade levels and ANY subject area :)

The main menu includes 5 categories with prices ranging from $100 to $500.  You can choose the categories as well as the difficulty level for each question.  When Clicking on a dollar amount, you are then taken to the appropriate slide.  Students will solve the problem.  On a mouse click, the answer will appear.  When clicking on the "main menu" button in the bottom right corner, the chosen dollar amount will disappear from the main menu.

All you have to do is simply insert category names, questions, and answers on each of the 25 slides.  The animations will work when slideshow is played from the start.

Each slide looks like the one below.  Includes the dollar amount, the category name, question, answer, and main menu button, which will redirect on a mouse click.

Included in the powerpoint is a blank table like the one pictured below.  I type or write answers into each cell, then print for quick reference.

Easy to follow teacher instructions included!

You can purchase this classroom version of Jeopardy on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store HERE!

I hope you love it!  Let me know what you think!!

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