Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Common Core Practice and Pilot Tests

 My district provided a voluntary Common Core planning day today.  All along, I have been so excited about implementing these new standards into practice, as I feel this is the way students should learn.  Reality is beginning to sink in and we are really doing like 3 weeks!!  As a group, we looked at some sample test questions that students may see when CCSS testing in the very near future.  Our school site piloted the common core smarter balanced test last May and all teachers were encouraged to check out they types of questions being asked.  Woah! Talk about critical thinking!!  I LOVE common core because for once, students can't guess on tests...they actually have to know what they're doing! They don't get to just say, "Oh, I don't know, B looks like a good choice."  And better yet, they have to EXPLAIN how they got their answer!!  For 7th grade in my district, this will be a huge transition year.  I'm pretty excited!

Ok, so here's a little tutorial on how to find the Smarter Balanced Practice and Pilot Tests.  For some reason, Internet Explorer does not support this (for now), so try another browser such as Safari or Firefox.  I had no problems using both.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! :) I think we are all a little bit AHHHH over this new test! ;)

    Little Lovely Leaders